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Click and collect with Cash & Cheque Express for the best currency exchange rates!

Click and collect with Cash & Cheque Express for the best currency exchange rates!

Planning a well-deserved trip abroad and looking for a quick and convenient way to get the best rates on your foreign currency exchange? Then you’ve come to the right place…

Cash & Cheque Express is 100% committed to offering our customers the best possible value – so we monitor exchange rates daily to ensure that our Bureau de Change service gives you a head start on a happy holiday! There are plenty of places where you can convert your cash into foreign currency, including a number of high street outlets and even your local Post Office, but here at Cash & Cheque, we know that you want a combination of convenience and great rates – which is exactly what our fantastic Click and Collect service offers.

So what are you waiting for? That plane won’t wait! Just follow the 3 simple steps below to secure the best currency exchange rates and reserve for collection at your local Cash & Cheque store.

Bureau de Change services at 0% commission!

At Cash & Cheques Express, we strive to provide a Bureau de Change service that’s truly first class, with a guaranteed 0% commission on all transactions.

Most currencies are available on the same day or within 24 hours (on orders placed Monday – Thursday), but if you’re travelling to a more exotic or unusual destination, you may need to order your foreign currency in advance – so please get in touch with your local Cash & Cheque Bureau de Change in plenty of time before you fly!

Click and collect currency exchange – how does it work?

We want you to enjoy your holiday, and we know that the cost of travel, accommodation, food and fun soon adds up. By charging the best possible rates on our foreign currency exchange, you’ll get more money to spend on your break in the sun – and with our Click & Collect function, it couldn’t be easier! Here’s how it works…
  • Insert the amount and type of foreign currency you wish to exchange into our currency converter
  • Click the ‘reserve now’ button
  • Enter your contact details and choose the Cash & Cheque Express shop you’d like to collect your currency from
  • The friendly team at your chosen store will call you to arrange a pick up time – don’t forget to take some ID!

Remember that exchange rates are always changing, so to ensure you get the rate stated when you ordered, please make sure you get to the store in time – if you collect later, your rate may be adjusted to reflect any rate fluctuations.

Foreign currency – what do you need?

Foreign currency – what do you need?

No matter where your travels are taking you, we can give you the right cash for the occasion, including:
  • Euros

  • US dollars

  • Indian rupees

  • Australian dollars

  • Canadian dollars

  • New Zealand dollars

  • Japanese yen

  • Turkish lira

  • Polish zloty

  • Hong Kong dollars

In fact, we can give you great exchange rates on ALL worldwide currencies!

Foreign currency buybacks

Foreign currency buybacks

You’ve had a great time away, but the time has come to return home – you’ve brought back some souvenirs, great photos, a lovely suntan and some wonderful memories…and some leftover spending money too. But you can’t spend it here, so what are you going to do with it?! The great news is that whatever you don’t spend can simply be converted back into sterling, and if you used our currency exchange services, then we’ll offer you the best possible buyback rates too.

Bureau de Change from Cash & Cheque Express… great currency exchange rates, 0% commission and currency buybacks – making your holiday even happier!

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